Snapberry Photographs offers two different types of newborn sessions. Posed newborn sessions (those typical images of sleepy newborns in the cutest of poses) occur only in my in home studio. Lifestyle sessions occur in your home. Lifestyle sessions are NOT posed sessions where I bring all of my lovely props to you. They are, in fact, the exact opposite. Please see the examples provided and descriptions of each session to see which is right for you! Any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Posed Newborn Sessions with Snapberry Photographs

I offer 3 different tiers of posed newborn session pricing. For complete details, please email me at

Posed sessions can last up to 3 hours long depending on the session you choose as it takes great patience (and sometimes a long time!) to get the little ones sleepy enough for the poses. We also spend time snuggling and stopping to feed if necessary. My studio temperature is kept incredibly toasty to keep your little one warm and I have a few other tricks up my sleeve in my environment that ensure a nice sleepy baby. These are things that I can not control in your home environment which is why I simply only do posed work in my studio.

My highest tier newborn package does include family and sibling poses and you will see a few examples of those here as well.

If you want to see your baby posed in a variety of ways with various hats/headbands/wraps and props, then my studio sessions are for you. If you’d like to include a sibling and a whole family shot at the end, then my highest level posed session is for you!



Lifestyle Newborn Sessions with Snapberry Photographs

Lifestyle newborn sessions are done in your home. Typically I conduct these sessions in your master bedroom, the nursery and maybe your family room. What is most important is that your home has ample light as I utilize all natural light for these sessions.

These sessions are at one set price and generally last 1-1.5 hours, depending on if siblings are involved, usually. The focus of these sessions is the entire family unit and siblings, if applicable. Baby will almost always be swaddled (to keep them cozy, warm and content), but can be in a simple, well fitting onesie if they tolerate that (i.e. aren’t getting cold).

These sessions are meant to capture your family in a more relaxed and candid way and can include feeding, reading stories, nursery details and simply lots of snuggles. Images of baby alone are limited to simple swaddle poses of them in their crib, on your bed and close/tight shots of being held in a sibling or parents’ arms.

If a variety of family/parent/sibling images and the personal feeling of being in your own home are important to you, then my lifestyle newborn sessions are for you. If you are hoping for a large focus of just baby alone, then I revert you back to the studio posed sessions described above.