It had been a while (since Christmas) that I busted out the camera on all three of my own little people at the same time and I racked my brain for a few weeks trying to figure out what I could do (aside from the upcoming bluebonnets). I wanted something that was “them” and finally landed on one of their most favorite things in the world: donuts.

Enter the Donut Kitchen in Mckinney, TX. One of the cutest shops we’ve been to that has some of the best donuts around. They were super accomodating with my request to photograph 3 crazies just before they closed and even offered up freshly made (like, finished them off while I waited) donuts. If you haven’t been, the chocolate with M&M’s on it is top notch. And if you haven’t been, you definitely need to go!

Give some kids some donuts, of course they get hyped up. My youngest, Norah wants the gooey-est one and it lands on her pretty dress within 1.5 minutes. It may not have turned out exactly as I envisioned, but I was their BFF for a little while, anyway, after allowing them donuts two days in a row 🙂