I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the Wells family this past fall. Mom’s outfit choices were sheer perfection. I love the sparkle of her little girl’s shirt with the fall sunlight. If you are ever wondering what to wear to a family photography session with Snapberry Photographs, this is a perfect example of comfort and style. Her kids were able to move around freely without complaining of being too hot or constricted. The color palette remained neutral across the board, but everything complemented each other seamlessly. The pop of big sister’s sparkle was the perfect contrast for it all.

I get asked the outfit question quite often. What colors? What to wear? Does this look good with this? Etc. Etc. We often over think it (myself included for my own sessions), so my first line of advice is to pick one outfit. Make it your mission to find the perfect outfit for your youngest. Or you. Or your only girl. Once you’ve simply fallen in love with one outfit, I promise, it will be so easy to build and compliment around it. My most crucial reminder is, however, to remember that I am photographing you and your family. I’m photographing your connection, your love, the unprompted smiles, giggles, embraces and even silly faces. I will elicit those no matter what your outfits look like, I promise. And you will love them.

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