I’ve been photographing sweet Charlotte’s family since she was just a week old, so I can’t tell you how excited I was, to be deep in the trenches of my busy fall to get an email from her dad requesting a session as a surprise for mom. Yes, you read that right, dad booked this session without mom knowing. What’s even better is despite being fully booked for some time, all the stars aligned and they were able to jump in one of my cancellation spots.

I also had major dress envy over Sarah’s dress.

Also important to note, we did NOT have any sunshine for their session. I know that the vast majority of my posts include that gorgeous sun we all love (whether it be sunrise or sunset), but since I can’t control the weather (as much as I desperately wish I could!), sometimes, we shoot with the clouds. And because my end game is to capture photos that showcase your love and connection, the sun is merely a bonus and not my focal point. At the end of the day, it’s photos like those shown¬†here that I’m after.

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