One of my favorite things is to see my newborn clients “all grown up” into a sweet, toddling around 1 year old. Sometimes we do these sessions with cake at the end, but it’s not necessary. I also don’t typically photograph them the traditional way (backdrop, balloons, props and other stuff). If you take a gander around my site, my style is very simplistic. My prop stash is small and I’m more concerned about capturing your sweet kiddo than I am switching out all kinds of different props and set ups.

Annie here? She wins the award for best cake smasher ever. Like, EVER. In my nearly 8 years of business, I’ve seen a kid or two attempt to smash a cake and it usually goes one of 3 ways:

1. Wants absolutely nothing to do with it. Won’t touch it, won’t eat it.

2. Licks a little (or a lot) of frosting, either on their own or with a parent’s help, gets dirty and then wants nothing to do with it.

3. Goes all in. Wheels off.

I haven’t had very many that fall in the number 3 category. Goodness, even my own three children didn’t fall into that category. My oldest got the closest  (ironic since he has always been my pickiest eater due to sensory/texture issues), my middle wanted nothing to do with it, and my 3rd baby was more concerned with eating some decorative stuff I had next to her than diving into the cake.

Back to Annie. It was total wheels off. She literally, on her own, smashed that cake to pieces. And it just might be one of my favorite pictures, ever. Scroll to the bottom to see for yourself!