Today’s post marks the start of a new series I’m rolling out to bring some fresh voices to this little business of mine. The voices? Those of my fabulous clients! If you want to hear first hand exactly how a session with Snapberry Photographs could look, you’ll want to pay attention to these posts! I’m thrilled and humbled that a few clients agreed to be my guinea pigs in the early stages of this project and can’t wait to see what they come up with.

First up is the Moyini family. You may remember them from my recent post of their gorgeous maternity session. But for today, I pass the mic off to Areli, so she can tell you all about their fall family/6 month session with their sweet boy, Sebastian. If you’d like a chance to write a guest post on my blog featuring your session, please email me at Those that complete a post and share to their social media outlets will receive a small gift as a thank you as well as entered in for a chance to win a free mini session!

From Areli: 

For our baby’s 6 month pictures, we decided on a sunrise session with Jenna in the fall. We get tons of compliments on the amazing fairy tale like pictures that she took! The light is just perfect, but my favorite thing about it was that Jenna was able to surprise us yet again, with her photography whimsy.


Our baby was only happy for about 30 minutes of the session, but in those 30 minutes, we had walked and talked to him, and played with him to cheer him up and convince him that he could be awake a little longer. In between all this, Jenna found and took pictures of some amazing moments without letting us know that she was taking the shot and they were some of the best pictures I have ever seen of our family.



These, mixed in with the staged photos of our baby with the very genius help she added to his developing sitting skills, were the perfect mixture of photos for the perfect half year photo shoot! We were in love with so many that our Christmas card turned into more of a collage. Thanks again, Jenna! You’ve nailed it every time and we can’t wait to see what magic you work for his 1st year photos!