Since becoming Texas residents 5 years ago, our family has taken up an annual tradition of traveling down to the gulf coast each summer. This last trip brought us back to Galveston. We LOVE having the beach in driving distance (a far cry from the Minnesota terrain we grew up on, although we did have all those lakes!) These three kiddos of mine LOVE the ocean and it’s by far my favorite place to capture them, and if you can believe it, this is just a sampling of the best of the best.

We swam, built sandcastles and probably spent HOURS scouring the beach for the best seashells. Grabbing flashlights and heading to the beach after dark in search of crabs is probably their most favorite activity though.

One of my favorite traditions we have on these trips is waking up well before that sun touches the horizon one day of the trip and just letting the kids run wild on the beach and capturing it all. This year, armed with a new go pro, I let the kids grab their own footage while I filmed and shot images. I took all that and recently fused it all together in a fun little behind the scenes video that you can see here: I’ve made it a goal to make more of these and to improve my video skills because they are my absolute favorite. My sweet boy even thought to snag me in the video so it’s fun to see me in there too, for once!

This first image has been my all time favorite image of these three since I snapped it. If you don’t follow me personally on facebook, you may not know that all three are rainbow babies. I didn’t exactly know what the term meant when I actually went through our 3 losses, but I know what it means now and knew right away when I saw these suits that the rainbow colors were going to be an underlying theme in this session and couldn’t love these more.

Enjoy a look back at our summer vacation!