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A few things you must know about me? I'm obsessed with all things rainbow, Disney, underwater shooting and golden light. If you hang out on my Instagram, you'll find this all in abundance, including my slightly large collection of inflatables. Other favorites include hanging with my sweet fam, baseball, working out and trying new recipes! 

I'm so glad you are here to learn a little about me! I've been toting this camera around for over a decade! Born and raised in Minnesota, my family has FINALLY made it back home after spending 6 years in Texas. I can't wait to meet all of my new Minnesota families! It feels so good to be back!


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Hi. I'm Jenna!

photo by kim milano

photo by erica williams

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My journey into this photography world started much like many other stories you've heard. I was gifted an entry level DSLR and wanted to learn how to use it to document my first baby. That was Christmas 2008. It's hard to believe how far I've come in eleven years. We've since had two more children, with our last baby born in 2013. And that handsome guy I get to share life with? We've been together 18 years. EIGHTEEN. And yes, it started back in high school. We've been married for 12, but that date-aversary for us goes back to the year 2001. Basically, our relationship graduates from high school this year.

My business originated in Minnesota, but we've since lived in both Texas and Puerto Rico before finally coming back HOME. Moving a business and starting over isn't easy, but I've done it before and I'm here to do it again. I took a brief sabbatical while we lived in the middle of the ocean and I can say with certainty that my mind and heart missed and craved the creative outlet this business brings to my life.

When I'm not behind the camera you can find me doing all the typical mom of three things that keep me busy and constantly in a state of motion. Practice, homework, lunches and the never ending pile of laundry and dishes. In the "free time" I have, I workout daily at Orange Theory, catch as many Twins games as possible (both at the field and on TV!), run around watching MY littles play ball, experiment with new food and drink recipes, and edit the night away on either client or personal work. I love creating videos and albums of our own personal memories.

Other fun facts? I can play the piano. I pretty much live in workout clothes, my hair color isn't "real" but it is most definitely red under there. Coffee powers me up in the morning and my husband's blueberry lemon pancakes are LIFE. 

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My kiddos. 

I first picked up a DSLR when I was expecting my oldest. He's 10 now. I wanted to learn how to preserve as much of this fleeting childhood time as possible and these three are the reason for my everything! They inspire me daily to continue growing and to create!


Golden light 

Golden light is my favorite light to shoot in. So much so that light chasing is pretty much a part of my cardio workout. Ok no, not really, I go to Orange Theory for that, but sessions are always scheduled at sunrise or sunset to ensure the very best light!


Genuine emotions.

It's what I promise to capture for you. While there is still a place for that "perfectly posed and everyone smiling at the camera photo", there is something to be said for the contagious giggles you can just HEAR through my photographs. These are the authentic moments that make my heart soar.


Video Memories 

One of my favorite personal projects is to capture short video clips I later merge together with photos to make short family films for my kiddos to remember vacations, birthdays and sports seasons.